Company Overview:

As a boutique agency, we strive to assist small business operators to succeed by providing reasonably priced services. Small business owners call on us for a number of services that would require additional staffing and payroll increases that vastly affect profits. When a small business operator out sources their marketing services, it becomes a win-win situation for everyone involved in that project; the business wins and the agency wins.

Below, you can learn more about the 3Ps of our main services. While these are not the only services, they are featured to reinforce our strengths and the benefits of assigning your next project to our team.

The first of our services is publishing. While publishing is most known for magazines, newspapers and putting books into libraries, in essense, it is the act of making a document public. We help you produce your project; whether it be your website, postcards, note cards, seasonal gift journals, corporate history books, a newsletter or annual catalog. We have a team of seasoned professionals to move your project from a concept to your prospect or client's hands in a timely and cost effective manner.

We can provide the tools to help you promote your business. When you give your business card to a prospect, you are promoting; when you talk someone about your business, you are promoting. By now, it may be clear that promotions is part of the big marketing picture. We can help you promote your business and bolster recognition with effective marketing and promotional tools. From concept to delivery, if you are considering direct mail, we can help your business with postcards and or new to town coupon mailings. If you are considering email, we can help your create and delivery Drip Campaigns or seasonal messages. Click on the link on the left for more information.

The meat and potatoes of our agency business is photography. Companies need and use photography more often than they think. Most often though photos of the business's products or services are in the form of a generic pictures, used to fit the message's meaning. This is known as "stock photography" and while it is a viable cost effective means of driving your brand's message with an image, there is no substitute for your own photo. Call us to discuss your needs, you will be surprised to learn how affordable professional photography services can really be and how it will deliver your message, not a generic idea.

In any area of our expertise, we will try our best to inform our customers and prospects (and our visitors) about our work and efforts. Our projects are varied in nature and are all dependent on the customer's individual needs. Therefore, are resources and allocated talent pool will match the specific project's needs.

One thing to bear in mind, we are unable, due to proprietary information and confidentiality agreements, disclose our sources for many of the services we provide. While there are many resources via local and national sources, it is always in the best interest of the consumer to find the best source to fit their particular needs. If you are using a Project Manager or Consultant however, know that these professionals run the gamut of business services and talent. Always use your best judgment when securing a contract for services with an agency and ask for samples and referrals in every case.

We hope you will understand these common business practices. We are adamant about our goal to help new writers, artist and designers via honest business practices. We fiercely protect the dollars our customers invest in new projects, as if it were our own money.

When you are ready to tackle that idea lingering in your head or note pad to promote your business, give us a call and let us help you work it through. If we are unable to help you, we will steer you in the direction that would better suit your needs. We will never say we can - if we know we can't; we don't want to become involved complexities and fiercly avoid complications that we cannot manage. 


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