Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
about New Residents direct mail coupon program.

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1. Why Are New Residents Such Good Prospects?

Do you remember your last move to a new neighborhood? Then you can easily realize why New Residents are prime candidates for the products or services you provide. These new residents are creditworthy consumers who need to re-establish local sources for the products and services they need on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis

These new residents haven’t established local buying patterns or loyalties. Plus, new residents will spend 8 to 10 times more in the 1st year at their new residence than established residents. The door is WIDE open – New Residents need you NOW!

2. How Can You Use These Lists?

Getting these new residents to come to you for the products or services that you provide is as easy as sending them a simple one-page letter. That’s right! A simple one-page letter, (and we’ll show you what to write in that letter), may start adding new customers to your business each and every month!

3.  What is Targeted Marketing!

Our service was developed specifically to help you plan your sales attack and TARGET only those people most likely to need your products or services. Our service provides a one-time best opportunity to contact New Residents and get them as loyal customers BEFORE they establish their local buying habits and BEFORE they find your competition.

4. Custom Tailored To Your Needs!

With our service you’re in charge. YOU chose which zip codes you want to target. You chose the length of time you want to use our service. Each month, we supply you with a fresh list of the new residents that have moved in…so you’ll never run out of prospects. Every month you’ll be bringing new clients into your business

5. What Kind Of Results Can You Expect?

Your results will be in direct proportion to the value of the incentive offer you extend to the New Resident. Usually, a simple one-page letter will do the job. However, a half off discount, or a two for one deal is best. Do not expect huge results with a welcome letter alone. A 10% off deal is not a good choice either, does 10% off excite you? No, we all want a great deal and the New Resident is no different! We’ll even provide you with hints, tips, suggestions and samples to help you create an offer that WILL produce results! Don’t expect to “Get Rich Overnight” but if you use our new resident names properly you may increase your sales and profits month after month – for as long as YOU chose!

6.  What Do Our New Resident Names Cost?

Considering the long-term value of one new customer to your business, in many ways these New Resident names are…priceless! With our Subscription Program you have several options to choose from. YOU choose your price for the names based on the subscription that best suits your needs…and you’ll receive a fresh supply of New Resident names each month. That’s like having money in the bank! And remember, the value of just one new repeat customer can more than pay for your order.

Our Pricing For List Only (not co-op mailer prices)


Five zip codes that average less than 150 names per months

77080 - 30 names
78781 - 40 names
78922 - 20 names
78550 - 10 names
78660 - 15 names

Initial outlay of  $50.00


77080 - 120 names
77463 - 140 names
77461 - 200 names
77488 - 165 names
77884 - 150 names

Initial outlay of $130.00

6. How do I Establish A Competitive Advantage!

Just imagine if…every new family that moved into town was directed to your business for the products or service you provide, just think of what a tremendous advantage that would give you over your competitors.  That’s exactly what the New Resident Service is designed to do! And since we offer exclusive use of our service YOU could be the only business of your type to use our service in the zip code areas you select

7. No More…Eenie - Meenie – Minie – Moe!

With the New Resident Service, New Residents will no longer have to choose local businesses at random…they will be directed to a specific business – YOURS! You receive a constant supply of New Residents to keep you ahead of the competition. You increase your sales by targeting New Residents that are just getting started in your area. New Residents are the hottest prospects because they need to re-establish suppliers for so many things. You get your foot in the door first with our New Resident names

8. How Long Does it Take to Start?

Generally speaking, your list takes about 10 to 15 business days to compile. You must act quickly because some areas are available on a “first-come, first-served” basis. Email your preferred zip codes for your area and we will supply you with an average number of move-ins per month for each of them. Simply select the areas you want to target and indicate them on the “Subscription Reservation” we send you with your counts and submit your reservation to our office. If you reserve a minimum amount, your competition may be “locked-out” of each area you choose!

9. Can This Service Help us Build Our Business!

We have been in business since 1992 and have helped thousands of businesses bring in new clients, stay ahead of their competition, build their client base, increase their sales and improve their profits! Reply now and we might be able to do the same for YOU!  If you have any questions, or need any additional information please feel free to give us a call.

10. How does this service differ from a Co-op Mailer?

Our Co-op Mailer Program consist of a large 6X9 inch envelope the contains many different offers that are mailed to a specific area or zone. We use a mixture of New Residents and current residents that fit our "Home Owner" profile. This profile takes into account the home owner's financial status and home value. These factors generally indicate discretionary income and new customer possibilities, if the offer is well planned and tempting.


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