Associate Publisher program:

This program is temporarily on hold as there may be a new owner for the associate publisher program and website. Please stay tuned or write us for more information prior to committing your resources.

Our program is designed for the individual interested in pursuing a career in publishing. That individual only needs to have an outgoing personality with little or no publishing experience. We do however prefer our associates have advertising sales experience or a strong community relationship with retailers and service companies in the area.

The ideal candidate is already in the publication advertising business, and looking to move into their own business. This ideal candidate has contacts and the relationship allows them to propose a solution to the inadequacies of their current publication or perhaps sees the opportunity to provide a niche publication for special clients. While you may not be an ideal candidate, you have drive and are determined to succeed with the right program in hand.

Scroll down to read about the details of a great publishing business opportunity.

Timson Edwards, Co. has begun licensing the FirstHealth Magazine product to a limited number of associate publishers in other cities on a national basis. The discounted licensing program featured below is on a first come first served basis and limited to twenty five Associate Publishers for our expansion program in the 2013 - 2014 season.

Even though the ideal Associate Publisher candidate is a newspaper or magazine advertising executive with a roster of solid accounts; we are interested in pursuing relationships with editors (with advertiser connections) that would like to strike out on their own, or reps that work for a publication. It is completely possible to start the program on a part time basis assuming you have the capital to consistently print short runs of the publication with house ads that do not produce revenues. We are also interested in dialog with aggressive sales reps that are tired of being held back and cut back each time they make goals.

Write to us for details about this great ground floor opportunity to own your own home based publishing business. There is a nominal information fee* that is credited to your program deposit fee if you sign on to the program. Nothing beats working from home - I know, I do!

Our normal Associate Publisher program fees are outlined below. If you have reached this page, you will note certain target cities that we are actively promoting for expansion. Let us know if your city is listed below.

Start your magazine with as little as $2,995.00 down and $175.00 per month! This is our normal fee to sign up from regional ads that will be placed and corresponding business start up seminars.

For a limited time - you can sign up for the following cities:

Atlanta, Savannah, Panama City, Orlando, Tallahassee, Lakeland, Live Oak, Palm Coast and Deland

for only $1,495.00 down and $99.95 per month!*

90 Day money back guarantee!!

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Your one time Associate Publisher License fee payment will be processed by PayPal's secure servers. You will also be sent a separate email for your monthly service. The additional payment link will be to process your monthly fee for producing your publication each month. You must sign up for the PayPal's online payment service in order to qualify for this offer.

If you don't have a PayPal account, click here for additional information!

Click on the link below to reserve your home based publishing business territory now at this incredibly low price! The link will help you make the initial $1,495.00 License down payment to get started.

There will be a follow up link sent by email for your subsequent
subscription to the monthly design service for your monthly edition as a monthly payment of only $99.95

*This special offer is for the quarterly edition program. There are other options for bi-monthly and monthly editions as well, write to us for additional details.


There is a start up information kit available for those individuals that would like to read about the offer and try it on their own. The CD is $79.95 and can be ordered by email by clicking on the at the bottom of the page.

This information kit cannot be returned for a refund due to the consumer's ability to start the business and by pass our program. Once purchased it is considered consumed; your purchase of this information kit is proof of your agreement to our no refund policy for the information kit.

If however, you wish to reserve a territory, click on the link directly below and you will be on your way to becoming a local publisher.


We provide all the materials you need to print a complete magazine in your local market. Articles, house ads, layouts, and digital press ready art work. We highly recommend the use of a commercial printer. However, if you prefer to start with smaller quantities, Kinko's does a great job. Whether you sell ads immediately or wait until the second or third issue. You are ready to print your magazine and distribute it locally. 

Don't want to sell ads?
That is just fine; if you prefer to limit yourself to writing, subcontract a local sales rep to sell ads for your magazine. There are a lot of people willing to work on a commission basis. On a commission only basis, an aggressive rep is not limiting their earnings. Your time can then be used to interview local business people, write additional content or localize the content provided. In order to localize the content, the associate publisher needs local writers as additional resources and send us the files to format and deliver a digital copy for the printer.

The Associate Publisher has the option to augment the ads in the magazine with their own ads for their health related business or mail order ads for products, booklets and reports that can be bought wholesale or created in house. Sell health food recipes, aromatherapy oils, services, tutoring, editing, copy writing, local announcements - or - you can have the entire magazine filled with your own mail order ads...! You can bet that people will read the magazine instead of a flyer! 

Magazine as catalog:
Think of your magazine as your flyer - the magazine will not be thrown away! The choice is yours - the results may be complete freedom from the nine to five grind. We provide the tools for you to pursue this business and make money. You may use the magazine as it was intended or as a newsletter with or without ads or as a mail order catalog with great informative content to accompany your ads.

Magazine as Newsletter:
If you own a health related practice, you may choose to merely print the magazine as a 4 or 8 page newsletter for your lobby(s) if you prefer. The magazine's format lends itself ideally to this method or branding your business. Especially if you have several locations with waiting areas such as a health service practice or you produce mailings to a large customer list. If this is your situation, let us know and we can set you up accordingly and reduce the per issue price.

Send us your request for a free sample magazine* that is included with the purchase of your information packet today. It may be possible to start with next month's issue!

Please note that we would like to send you the information for start up, however, we need a little more information about you. Click on this link to fill out our survey for follow up. When we get this form via email, we will contact you to move forward.

Please be prepared to provide the following for our follow up purposes:

As soon as we get this verifiable information, we will send you a confidentiality agreement to fill out, sign and return. After receipt of your signed confidentiality agreement, we will send you a *payment link and some free back issue samples and a PowerPoint Presentation on CD for PC to review.

*If you would rather have information sent by USPS, please send us a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) with a Post Office money order for $79.95 to cover USPS priority shipping and handling charges to the following address:

Magazine Publishing Offer
C/O: Timson Edwards, Co., 
PO Box 55-0898 
Jacksonville, FL 32255-0898

*We now charge a fee for this packet because of the value of this information. It is in the form of a computerized manual and prevents abuse from those that are merely interested in additional data and research for their own ventures. This payment will be credited toward the fee for the program should you eventually decide to join us.

We feel, as business persons, that time is money. If we can save you time then the information is worth money. So, if your research leads you to our site and your intention is to create your own publication, then you should feel comfortable paying for information that will speed up your start up process of your own publication; or simply continue your research.

The fee paid for the information will be credited directly to the down payment upon starting the Associate Publisher Magazine program.

Click below to make your payment via PayPal for the info CD!

PS: If you know of someone who is an emerging writer, we are now collecting short stories for our second co-op project. Our short fiction anthologies always feature the work of new and emerging writers... click here to learn more.

any ideas? or new material, send them to us... but let us know first - no one likes surprises and we delete ours from our email.






















































































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