Newsletter Services:
Many business professionals realize the benefits of a Newsletter, especially when it is part of their marketing and promotions arsenal. A Newsletter will help open doors for your sales staff when in the past, it has been proven difficult for your representative to get in to see a contact or prospect. An informative and friendly newsletter can build brand recognition and effectively deliver your message as content or subtle advertising within the pages. Your ads are based on your services and or products and you decide placement! You may even consider selling ads to help cover the cost - or better yet trade ads for monthly employee benefits - the options are endless!

Newsletter however, are not for everyone and there is one common problem that everyone faces. That problem is creating and writing the finished newsletter; distribution is the easiest part. With limited staff, it is a time and resource consuming project to accomplish and we can help!

While there are many custom newsletter services at many levels, the prices and programs vary wildly. At the top end, there are the services that provide an astounding array of choices for your newsletter and a matching price for them! At the bottom end, there are the mom and pop shops that create cursory newsletters based on simple off the shelf software or your own staff member taking precious sales production or operational time to "create" a newsletter each month. Worse yet, they forget to do it altogether and then one thinks that newsletters don't work. Like anything else, one needs consistency and continuity.

All too often however, those newsletter service providers at the bottom cannot meet your needs for subject matter, delivery and distribution. Worse yet, the finished product looks second rate; further diminishing your company's branding and positioning efforts in your community.

We at Timson Edwards, specialize in creating custom newsletters based on a widely accepted and sought after subject matter, family Health and Wellness. Everyone enjoys reading about health and wellness issues and tips on how to go about living a healthier lifestyle. With this subject matter, you are sure to have loyal readers and pass along readership; these are the hallmarks of promotions.

Our newsletter product can be customized with your logo and fresh content about your business. We provide the subject matter and send it ready to print at your local professional printer's shop or we can print and mail them for you, you decide based on your budget. Write to us now to learn more.

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