Short Run Book Program:

Books (perfect or case bound) are great marketing tools and can take many forms. From public speaker to corporate histories, a printed book can be a quantum leap in any business's marketing program. From a large corporation to document milestones or for the small local business that seeks a better than average leave behind or mailer to promote themselves, a book can accomplish the goal of promotion better than anything else with a small investment.

A professional's career depends on their arsenal of achievements and accomplishments. Books in print are by far the biggest tool of all. The published book is generally seen as proof of achievement and a significant stamp of authority in the business. It can be the key to opening additional doors.

And lastly, for the unpublished author, it can be that first door of many to be opened and addresses that never ending question of "where have you been published?" that the big houses ask.

"A book in print is the first step toward a professionally rewarding writing career..."

Our short run paper back book program is designed to help the small business, speaker or unpublished writer organize, print and distribute their work to their prospects or the general public. Currently, our entry level short run book publishing program starts at just under $835* for 100 books plus shipping to your door including ISBN & CIP numbers but does not include distribution or media announcements. 

While there are many distribution programs out there for authors, we caution the budding author to shop, do the math and choose carefully. Our website design and hosting partners can build and host a nice website that will help you sell the books online as one option.

By discussing your project with us or professional in the business and outlining your goals for the book, the results and return on your investment will be vastly improved. Contact us for more information.


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