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About Our Hosting Partner:

Xenonhosters, is just one of many in the market. With over a decade of service, they are becoming a leader in providing exceptional service to the small businesses in community across the nation. When shopping for a web hosting service, ask lots of questions and consider your own needs. If you have a large staff and thriving business, look for a hosting company that can provide immediate telephone customer support and technical support.

However, if you have a small business and will not rely on your web site for critical time sensitive services and customer issues, then go with a smaller hosting company like Xenonhosters. The prices are far more reasonable and affordable. You may not receive immediate telephone support, immediate updates to the site, bells and whistles or personal contact with a technician 24/7 but you will not pay for it either... 

We found that most small businesses require a web presence in order to stay current with the local competition and information dissemination. If your plans fall into the information or basic e-brochure realm of websites, then a small service provider such as Xenonhosters will be the answer and a better match for your needs. You can have your artist/webmaster create the site and load it for you, or you may have us do it all for one low fee. Scroll down to the bottom to learn more.

Pay them a visit and sign up today, you'll be glad you did tomorrow. Click on the banner link below.














This site was created by freelance artist and hosted by - let us build and host yours!

Our rates start as low as $289.00 per year for a basic company
identity site with contact information and URL email. Simply register
your domain name and call us when you are ready. All
of our basic template eBrochure sites (100s to choose from) include the following:

Minor site updates and site servicing on a monthly basis.

Photos that you provide (up to 5 - 350 x 500 jpgs)

3 email accounts (

Fully functional blog for company news

Link from our marketing website to yours

1X Search engine submission - pay per click campaigns managed $245.00 monthly plus ad spend account.

Mailing list function (customized by customer) for emailing members with news